Tips For Choosing A Gun Safe

Many U.S citizens lawfully possess at least one gun, so the issue of where to safely store them is an important one. Guns must be locked away where they can only be accessed by those who have the right to do so and should never be within easy reach of children or vulnerable adults.


The safest place to store a gun is in a safe that has been designed for the purpose, and while there are many available on the market today, you might need a little help when choosing one:

Bolt that safe down!

If a determined thief can roll your safe out of your property with a hand truck, then you haven’t properly secured it. Choose a safe that can be securely bolted to the floor.

Choosing the best lock

Should you use a combination lock, electronic lock or biometric one? Let’s look in a little more detail:

Combination locks require minimal maintenance and the combination sequence is trickier to observe. However, they can be slower to operate and may be easier for thieves to break.

Electronic locks are simple and cost effective, plus they have many more integrated features. These locks also don’t require the help of a locksmith to change the combination, but if you do forget the combination and need a locksmith to open it, they may struggle to do so. Don’t forget that electronic locks also depend upon battery power and will not function without it.

Biometric locks are easy to use and allow for the storage of several fingerprints, but are not always reliable, not to mention the fact that they are currently pretty costly.

All guns blazing, no thank you!

Protecting your guns from fire damage is an important consideration, and unless you have special insurance, the loss could be huge. Pay extra attention to the lining of the safe that you choose; how thick it is, how it is insulated, does it have gaps in the lining and how is that lining attached to the walls of the safe?

A damp rifle is no good to anyone:

Moisture, believe it or not, can easily become trapped inside a gun safe, and safes that are fireproofed make ventilating the vault extremely difficult. To help combat this, you can purchase what are known as ‘intercept products’, copper colored sheets that when placed inside the safe, become the target of any corrosion, instead of your guns. You may also want to consider using a heating bar that help to reduce the risk of condensation building up by maintaining a constant temperature inside the vault.

While you may think that choosing a safe to store your firearms in as simple as going to the store and buying one, think again. There are multiple considerations to be aware of, and when it comes to something as important as guns, safety and preservation are paramount. Consult with a professional locksmith and supplier of safes to discuss the best way to safely store your guns.