Tips for Selecting A Licensed Locksmith

If you’ve never needed the services of a licensed locksmith before, then the following information should help you choose a reputable one, who is fully licensed and qualified to help you with your security concerns:

What does a licensed locksmith do?

A locksmith who has gained the relevant qualifications, completed adequate training and ideally, had some experience in the industry, will rekey, install, repair, open and modify locks, or make keys for locks, including electronically duplicating transponder keys and other electronic programming of automotive keys and electronic operating devices.

Many licensed locksmiths can also provide security assessments, offer advice and guidance about security for your home or business, sell a range of fire rated safes and even garage doors.

Simply put, a reputable licensed locksmith can act as a one-stop shop for all your home and business security requirements.

What should you check before you hire a licensed locksmith?

Always verify that the locksmith company you’ve chosen to approach are licensed, and that they are registered with the Bureau; it’s important that you do this before you conduct business with them. The Bureau’s website can be used to check the license status of any individual locksmith or company: forms_pubs/online_services/verify_license.html

You can – and should – ask to see their company license or employee registration card and a photo ID when the locksmith arrives on site, and check that they’re correctly and lawfully displaying their company license at their place of business, and in each mobile service vehicle.

Also check with your particular city or county as to whether the locksmith is required to have a local business permit, and if so, that they have it.

Seek references from those you trust:

Friends, family and work colleagues can be a great source of guidance, especially if they have recently used the services of a locksmith, and can recommend them from their own personal experience.

What to do if locked out of your car:

It might be wise to place a call to your auto insurance company before you reach out to a locksmith, as they might offer locksmith services as part of their benefits.

Remember that while you will need a locksmith qualified and able to deal with vehicles, many registered, licensed residential and commercial locksmiths are trained and skilled in automotive lock replacements and repairs, among many others.

Always ask for an estimate before hiring:

The locksmith should be able to detail their costings, and if you feel as if the price is too high, you’re perfectly within your rights to question it. Watch out for any locksmith charging extra once the job is complete; there may be occasions when a task is more complex than initially thought, and they may need to charge you extra to cover their costs, but they should advise you of this before completion so that you can review matters.

Once you find a licensed locksmith that you know you can trust, and who carries out their work professionally and efficiently, save their number so that in the event of an emergency lock out, you can call them up with ease.