Top Garage Door Security Tips

As a well known weak spot for many homes, garages can be exploited by criminals if they’re not secured well enough, but by following the advice and guidance below, you can make it tougher for criminals to infiltrate your garage, and help protect both it, and your home:

Lock it up when you’re out of town

Your home is especially vulnerable when you’re not there, whether if it’s for one hour, one night or one week, so be sure to lock it securely whenever you’re away from home.

Have a locksmith check your garage

You might think your garage is secure, but someone experienced in home security is best placed to advise you about any extra precautions you should be taking, and a non-obligatory consultation with a local locksmith can be extremely helpful. From having your locks replaced, to checking your garage door opener, they’ll carry out a thorough assessment of your garage and advise you of any potential upgrades or changes you should make to its overall security.

Opt for opaque glass windows

If your garage has windows, frost them or hang drapes or a blind to stop anyone from the outside being able to see in, or better yet, have them removed. While a lot will depend on what you use your garage for, ultimately, a window gives clear visibility to whatever is inside.

Keep it closed whenever you’re not using it

It can be tempting to walk back inside the house, or even drive into town without closing the garage door behind you, but do this even once, and you could be asking for trouble. Opportunist thieves will rub their hands together in glee at the sight of an open garage door, while if you have a habit of leaving it open, thieves monitoring your home or neighborhood will notice this and target you the next time you go out, or even while you’re inside your home.

Secure any internal doors, too

If you can gain access to your home through your garage, it’s important to make sure that any connecting doors are properly secured, and ideally, with a high-security lock such as a Mul-T-Lock.

Watch where you leave your garage door opener

A garage door opener left inside your car might add convenience when you’re returning home, but anything left in a parked car is vulnerable to theft, so it’s better to keep it attached to a keychain on your person.

Garages can be wonderfully useful spaces, but if you neglect to take adequate security measures to protect it, it can put your entire home at risk. To check whether your garage door is secure enough, ask your local locksmith to test it out.