What Are the Pros and Cons of Keyless Security Systems?

The keyless locking system may sound like a misnomer, but the truth is that in some situations and for certain types of buildings and establishments, they can be a great form of security. However, it’s important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of these locking systems before deciding to invest in one. Read on to understand them better, and remember that your local licensed locksmith is always there to help answer any further questions you may have about keyless security systems:

The advantages of a keyless security system:

  • No keys required!

Keys are easily misplaced or stolen, and let’s face it, can be pretty inconvenient to carry around and keep safe. With a keyless locking system, that worry is completely eliminated, and even if the battery in the system dies, a key cylinder override kicks in so that the lock still functions.

  • Access can be allocated as required

Whether it’s a relative you want to be able to let into your home while you’re away, to a dog sitter or friend, you can give them a code to punch in and safely gain access to your home. Should you experience a compromise in code security, a new one can easily be programmed.

  • You can get with the times!

Modern technology is always progressing, and upgrading to a keyless security system is one way of ensuring that you can stay abreast of the times, be prepared for when all homes and businesses are secured without keys, and get one step ahead of your neighbors!

The disadvantages of a keyless security system:

  • Code ‘stealing’

While this is a disadvantage, for sure, there are probably few occasions when someone would be standing close enough to you as you tap in the code, to be able to remember it and use it themselves later. Being mindful of the proximity of others when you use your keyless security system, is the best way to prevent a code theft from occurring.

  • Wear and tear

While a minor disadvantage, you’ll need to watch out for the wearing down of the buttons after frequent pressing, and should keep your hands as clean as possible when using it.

  • The cost

More expensive to both purchase and install, many home and business owners will need to think carefully about the pros of a keyless security system for their property, before they invest in one. A traditional deadbolt costs significantly less than a digital security system, and many would argue, is just as effective for security purposes.

Whether you choose to have a keyless security system installed may depend upon a number of factors, but if you need to know more about them, or would like to purchase one and have it professionally installed (which is the ONLY way to have it installed), then arrange to talk to your local licensed locksmith, or where possible, call into their store for a more detailed discussion.