What Commercial Garage Door Is Best for Your Business?

Commercial garage doors are a considerable investment, and as such, it’s important to ensure that you invest your money wisely, by buying the right type of door for your commercial enterprise. Some important questions to ask yourself before you start browsing commercial garage doors, is what the doors’ primary function will be, what will it need to accommodate (i.e. people or vehicles, or both), and does it need to be fire-safe?

Once you’ve established a few basic requirements of your commercial garage door, you can begin your search armed with more information and reduce your options, so that they don’t become overwhelming.

Below, we look at the main types of commercial garage doors:

Overhead doors

Arguably the most popular type of commercial garage door, these open via rails that pull them up until the door is in a horizontal position with the ceiling and are best suited for the passage of vehicles. While they operate with the use of a remote control, they can also be operated manually and are typically constructed with horizontal slats made of wood or metal. The slats give the door its flexibility, enabling it to bend and then be raised open and lowered again.

Roll-up doors

If your commercial enterprise is in a warehouse setting, then roll-up doors might be the best option, especially if it’s not possible to have overhead rails for any reason. Typically used in doorways and loading docks to enable heavy equipment such as forklifts and trucks to pass through with ease, the lifting apparatus is attached to an inside wall, next to the opening for the door. Led by guides, the door rolls up into a coil, and thanks to their narrower slats, roll-up doors can be rolled up and down in a swifter, simpler manner.

Fire-rated doors

Commonly used in warehouses, distribution centers and parking garages, fire-rated doors are constructed from dense, extremely durable stainless steel, that is both noise and fire resistant. Their automatic closing feature is triggered whenever a fire is detected, and they can be operated either manually or electronically. Able to be customized to match any configuration, these doors are strong and reliable.

For more detailed information about commercial garage doors, and to help you select the right door for your business, reach out to your local garage door specialist today. Note that many reputable locksmiths also sell, install, repair and maintain garage doors, so it’s worth checking with your local locksmith before going anywhere else.