What’s the Difference Between A Commercial Locksmith &A Residential One?

There are often some significant differences between locks installed in residential properties, and those installed in commercial enterprises, and not every locksmith is trained, or has expertise, in them all. 

While some locksmiths have invested years of training into working with people’s homes, others will work exclusively with commercial properties and the highly specialist locks you’ll find for that purpose. Then you also have those licensed locksmiths who are fully trained, certified and licensed to fulfil a wide range of locksmithing duties, including automotive lock and key repair and replacement.

Does it matter which locksmith you choose?

Residential locks are typically simpler to install and repair than commercial locks used for businesses, and don’t have as many sophisticated features. Some residential locksmiths will offer a wide array of locks and frequently deal with key alike services and master keys, while others may not.

When it comes to a commercial locksmith, however, they should have the expertise and tools to cope with master key and key alike systems, industrial door locks, push-button locks, fire doors and the most sophisticated and technologically advanced locking systems.

Having more locks to work both with, and on, commercial locksmiths have a much deeper understanding of the complexities and unique security issues that commercial enterprises deal with on a daily basis, and they can also often supply, install and repair roller shutters, filing cabinets, safes and anything else that requires a locking system.

How to build a relationship with your local commercial locksmith:

While as a homeowner or renter you’re not often going to need the services of a residential locksmith (if at all, in many cases), as a business owner, you’re far more likely to need their services, and on a much more regular basis.

Determining what level of security you need for your business, is vital, and if you’re in any kind of doubt as to whether your premises are secure enough, consult with a commercial locksmith, who will carry out a detailed and thorough assessment of the entire property. Once they’ve assessed the building (or room), they can help you choose an appropriate security system and wherever necessary, upgrade any existing locks that may be old or faulty.

It’s important to try and establish a good working relationship with your local commercial locksmith, and you’ll be able to reap the rewards of doing so, each time you use their services. From a security breach, to changing locks when a staff member leaves, having a trustworthy and licensed locksmith on speed dial can come in very handy. 

If you’re looking for a local, commercial locksmith you can trust, be sure to ask for their credentials and check whether any previous clients have left them positive reviews.