What You Should and Shouldn’t Do with Your Keys

It’s hard to believe that so many residential burglaries occur as a result of unlocked doors, yet that’s the reality in the U.S today. Whether through the simple act of forgetting to lock the door, losing a key, having it stolen, or even a lucky burglar finding a key ‘hidden’ close to the door, home break-ins happen at a frightening pace, and most of these incidents can be avoided.

Don’t hide your key near your door

While you may think a burglary will never happen to you, and that the chances of a criminal targeting your home and finding a key hidden under a plant pot at the entrance are slim to none, you could be wrong on both fronts. Burglars are opportunistic, and if your home looks quiet and inviting, they’ll check for hidden keys around the main entrance, and if they’re luck is in, they’ll find one, walk right in and help themselves to whatever they find. 

Keep in mind that some insurance policies don’t cover losses made when a burglar has used a key to gain entry to the property, and do so only when there are signs of forced entry.

Don’t carry a spare key in your wallet

Purses and wallets are not the best place for keeping a spare key to your home, as these items are often stolen or lost, and you could end up losing a whole lot more than some cash and your bank cards if you fall victim to a bag grabber or wallet pincher.

On the same note, never put your home address or name on a keychain.

Do act fast if you lose your keys or they’re stolen

No matter whether you lost your keys an hour ago or a day ago, the fact remains that they’re lost and could be in anybody’s hands. The chances of your keys turning up after you’ve conducted a thorough search for them, is slim, so you’ll need to arrange for a locksmith to change your locks, fast.

If your keys were stolen, there is no reason to wait around, contact your local locksmith right away and have them change or rekey your locks to err on the side of caution and give your home and your family, the protection it deserves.

Do consider adding extra security to your home

High-security locks, taking good care of your keys and always locking your door when you’re upstairs or out, can certainly help prevent your home from falling prey to burglars or intruders, but with determined thieves using more and more brutal or sophisticated methods to force their way in, you might want to consider having a security system installed.

For any concerns about the security of your home or issues with your keys, always talk to a licensed locksmith first, as their free and impartial advice could save you money and give you and your home the best protection available, at the best price.