When Are Your Garage Doors Beyond Repair?

When it comes to getting a return on your investment, garage doors are right up there among the top home improvement projects, and research has shown that a clean, modern and well-maintained garage door can add up to 4% onto the value of a home. So, knowing when you garage doors are in need of repair, and when they might need to be replaced, is important, especially if you might be selling your home soon.

Below are some common garage door problems that can either be repaired, or which may require a door replacement:

The door isn’t lifting easily – this can be repaired

The lift motor that powers your door, raising and lowering it, goes through a lot of wear and tear and when a garage door begins to struggle when lifting, it could mean that the springs are beginning to fail. This can be particularly dangerous as the spring could snap without warning, at any time.

Get a garage door expert to repair your springs and the problem should be resolved.

The door only closes halfway – this can be repaired

This problem usually means that the door is imbalanced and the lifting mechanism may be damaged or worn. You might notice that one side works better than the other, and in many cases, an assessment from a garage door professional may indicate that a simple parts replacement is called for.

A door panel is damaged – this can be repaired

It’s not uncommon to see garage doors with dents in the panels, and as long as only one panel is affected, a replacement is usually the most cost-effective option.

The door is heavily damaged – this may need to be replaced

Usually, when door damage is extensive, a replacement is the best option as the total sum of all the replacement parts and panels can far outweigh the cost associated with a new door. A professional and trustworthy garage door expert will give you an unbiased opinion as to which is the best option for you.

The door is old – this may need to be replaced

Some garage doors can last for decades if you maintain them well, but most have a lifespan of no more than 30 years, so if yours is more than 3 decades old, you might want to replace it. If you don’t, the chances are you’ll have to spend out on a lot of repairs soon, that could end up costing a lot more than a new door. Don’t forget that older garage doors aren’t so appealing to buyers, either, and if you’re looking to sell your home soon, a new garage door could boost your curb appeal and prove more attractive to prospective buyers.

The door isn’t safe – this will definitely need to be replaced

If your garage door is broken, damaged or susceptible to criminals, then you should replace your door at the earliest. Burglars and intruders have long targeted garage doors as a means of gaining entry to a home, or even just for stealing the contents of the garage, and if your door isn’t as secure as it should be, talk to your local locksmith about a security upgrade or door replacement.

If you’re experiencing a problem with your garage door that doesn’t appear in the list above, talk to your local garage door specialist to determine whether it can be repaired, or if a new door would be a more cost-effective option.