Where Should You Put A Safe In Your Home?

You’ve made the important first step by purchasing a fire-proof safe to store your valuable items in, but have you given enough thought to where you will put it? A quality safe is an investment, and if you’re storing valuable items inside one, then it’s clear that investments are important to you. So, don’t waste your investment by putting your safe in the wrong place in your home or business. Here are some general points to help you when placing a safe inside your property:


Do you need more than one safe?

It’s wise to buy two fire-proof safes, as one can be hidden away containing your most valuable or precious items, and the other can be in an easier to reach (but still safe) place, giving you ready access to important paperwork or documents that you might need more frequently.

Do safes need to be hidden out of sight?

Contrary to popular belief, a safe in your home or business venue doesn’t need to be hidden out of sight, and most security experts will advise you not to do so. If you’ve invested in a high quality safe that will be resistant to both thieves and the risk of fire or other damage, then having it where you can gain easy access to it is not a problem at all. If you have placed some articles of significant importance within the safe, then being able to check on them and access them quickly when you want to, is just as important as having them stored out of sight of intruders and thieves.

Where are some of the best spots to place a safe?

Depending upon the size of the safe that you’ve purchased, you could consider placing it in any one of these popular locations in your home or office:

  • On a shelf

Keep in mind that the shelf would need to be a strong enough one to support the weight of the safe and should be located against a concrete wall. If the shelf is at a reasonable height, this should also make opening and closing the safe easier.

  • On the floor

Large safes can be placed on the floor, depending on their size and the dimensions of the room. Having a large space filling up a room doesn’t make much sense and could make accessing it very awkward, so think this through before your safe is installed.

  • Inside the walls

This is a great idea but a time consuming and potentially costly one. However, if the items inside the safe are of significant value, then it could be one of the best places in your home or business to keep a safe. Do be certain to use a professional locksmith when having a safe installed inside a wall, otherwise you risk causing damage to your walls and even to the entire structure of your home or business.

  • Beneath the floor

This is an extreme safety measure that of course can be undertaken but does not come without significant risks, such as rust damage to the safe, drainage, and general dirt and debris causing harm to the safe.

To know more about the best place to install a safe, talk to your local locksmith today.