Which Are the Best Door Locks for Home Security?

Door lock types today can be placed into three main categories: conventional, nonconnected deadbolts and smart and retrofit smart locks. Below is some important information to help you decide which might be the best door lock for your home:

Conventional and electronic door locks:

Great for keeping your home secure without anything too fancy, these locks range from High-end and drillproof, to basic deadbolts and electronic models with keypads that enable you to use programmed PIN codes; they are generally single-cylinder locks.

Advantages – affordable, often rekeyable, deadbolts are more secure than a simple key in lock model, while electronic locks allow you to lock and unlock your door without a key.

Disadvantages – they are not as convenient and high-tech as smart locks.

Smart locks:

These offer remote and voice control, access logs, geofencing and other smart features. However, note that some features require a Wi-Fi adapter at additional cost.

Advantages – convenient, these smart locks can help give you peace of mind with the ability to control them remotely.
Disadvantages – often requiring extra hardware and costing more than conventional deadbolt locks, these are actually just as susceptible to forced entry and standard door locks.

Retrofit smart locks:

Offering all of the features that a regular smart lock offers, these replace the interior side of your deadbolt, however, rather than fully replacing it, enabling you to keep your existing deadbolt and keys while benefitting from smart features such as remote control and auto-unlocking.

Advantages – you can keep the exterior of your existing deadbolt and keys.
Disadvantages – how strong your smart lock is, depends entirely upon the strength of your existing deadbolt. If it’s weak, then the features of your smart lock won’t be much of a deterrent for burglars.

When deciding which is the best door lock for your home, you will need to think carefully about your budget, whether you want the latest smart technology (which will cost more), and whether your existing door frame and lock is sturdy enough. You may also want to invest more in security if you live in a high-crime area, or if you are particularly worried about someone breaking into your property.

The best way to help you make an informed decision as to which locks you choose for your home, or to know whether you need to upgrade any elements of your locking system, is to chat with a professional locksmith, who will have all the latest information and statistics when it comes to home security.