Which Garage Doors Offer the Highest Level of Security?

Burglaries occur so often in the U.S. that keeping your home safe and secure, is probably a priority right now. However, many homeowners neglect the security of their garage, leaving their home vulnerable to intruders and burglars. This is especially worrisome if there is a connecting door from the garage into the home, or if expensive items are stored within the garage.

Below are five of the most secure garage doors on the market today, and if you need more details about any of them, you can inquire with your local locksmith:

Roller garage doors

Arguably the most secure type of garage door, roller doors have a curtain with no leverage points and no visible point of entry, Difficult to penetrate due to the layers of overlapping materials they’re made from, they’re compact and tough.

Sectional garage doors

In much the same way as roller doors, sectional doors have a leverage-free design that makes them very secure, and each section is lifted one at a time until they’re all folded back into the roof’s garage. Convenient and sturdy, these are a consistently popular choice for many home and business owners.

Side hinged doors

Strong and attractive, these doors are ideal for anyone with accessibility or mobility concerns, and if you invest in insulated side-hinged doors, the door will be even stronger and have a quieter operation. While these doors are convenient, effective and popular, you might want to talk to your local licensed locksmith about adding an extra locking system to upgrade its security somewhat.

Up and over doors

This is still a popular choice, and doubtless due to its affordability, but it is the least secure of the top 5. Often made of cheaper materials and without sufficient locking mechanisms, you can easily upgrade the security with the help of your local locksmith, and more modern up and over doors are certainly more secure than their predecessors.

Steel garage doors               

Steel is undoubtedly the strongest, most secure material for a garage door to be made out of, and is also affordable, durable and low maintenance. Tools such as an axe will not break through a steel garage door, and doors made from steel may be ideal if security is a serious concern.

What other security features should a garage door have?

Some other important security features that all garage doors would benefit from are listed below:

  • Lockable rods
  • Multi-point locking systems
  • Smart garage door openers

And to find out more about them, talk to your local locksmith, who will not only be able to help you purchase and install a new garage door, but will be able to fit additional security systems should you require them.

When thinking about the security of your home, don’t forget about your garage door, and if you’re replacing or upgrading it, consider all of the above points carefully before making a purchase. As always, your local, trusted locksmith will be on hand to guide you.