Who Should You Call for Car Lockouts or Lost/Damaged Keys?

While locking your keys in your car, damaging them or losing them, is easy to do - and certainly not uncommon - it can be inconvenient to say the least, and you’ll want to gain access to your car again, as soon as possible. But who is the best person to call when you experience a car lockout? Your car dealership, a local mechanic or perhaps an auto locksmith?

Able to reach you at short notice, and with all the right training and equipment to get you back inside your car as soon as possible, an auto locksmith is typically the most efficient and cost-effective choice when you get locked out of your car or lose or damage your keys; here’s why:

A standard locksmith often doubles up as an auto locksmith:
This means that you don’t have to spend time searching for a locksmith who deals specifically with auto’s, you can simply call up your local, trusted locksmith and have them come out and get you back up and running swiftly and efficiently.

An auto locksmith can often reach you quickly in an emergency
Many locksmiths have a 24 hr emergency service that you can avail should you need to get back in your car right away. Auto dealerships on the other hand, will definitely not be able to help you outside of office hours, and you need to get your car to them in the first place, which almost always involves a costly towing service.

Auto locksmiths can get you back into any car
With trained professionals that can retrieve and replace keys from any make, model or year, and using all the right tools for the job, their service is often far cheaper than that of an auto mechanic or dealership, too.

Well stocked with equipment and car key blanks, they can replace lost keys if you don’t have the original, cut and copy keys, programme remote car key fobs, open cars if the keys are locked inside, repair damaged or broken keys and also delete old keys so they no longer work (such as for transponders).

With so many car key and lock skills at their disposal, an auto locksmith (your regular locksmith probably doubles up as one) is by far the best person to call when you get locked out of your car, or lose or damage your keys. Affordable, able to respond swiftly and with the ability to come to your location, a locksmith can get you out of a fix, and back in your car, pronto! To make sure you don’t get caught out with a car lock out when you need it the least, find out the number of your local locksmith and program it into your phone.