Why High Security Keys andLocks Are Worth the Investment

Utilizing materials of a high quality and taking advantage of the latest technology advances, high security locks (coupled with high security keys) give an extra level of protection to homes and commercial premises that no other lock can give, and here are some reasons why they are such a worthwhile investment:

They bring a whole new meaning to the word tough!

A standard deadbolt only extends a half inch into the door frame, making it more susceptible to the techniques used by burglars to get into a locked property. When compared to a high security deadbolt that extends to a full inch, and sometimes more, it’s easy to see why they would prove a challenge for even the most creative and/or destructive criminal.

High security locks have a high metal to plastic ratio

Lowering the cost of manufacturing, plastic is often added to locks to keep prices down, but in lowering the cost, the level of protection becomes significantly reduced, too. Always choose a metal lock for protecting any kind of building, and picking one up will instantly tell you whether it’s made of metal or plastic. If you’re unsure, talk to your local licensed locksmith.

A patented key system is used

It’s easy for anyone to make a copy of your key at a local hardware store with a standard lock, whereas a high security lock has a patented key system that can only be made by the manufacturer or an authorized agent such as a licensed locksmith. Proof of ownership is also required, making the process ultra-secure.

High security locks are tricky to infiltrate!

Outwit crooks with a high security key system for your home or commercial premises; with such complex mechanisms inside, high security locks are much harder (virtually impossible, in fact) for criminals to pick, and as a result, can keep any property safer.

They come with anti-drilling protection

Some determined criminals will stop at nothing to try and gain unlawful access to a property, and may even use a drill. With a standard lock, drilling eliminates the tumblers inside, meaning that the door can simply be popped open with the help of a screwdriver. With a high security key and locking system however, drilling is fruitless, and even the most determined burglar would give up and admit defeat.

You might get a break on your homeowners’ insurance

Having high security key and lock systems on your property might result in you getting a break on your homeowners’ insurance, which in turn, could help to offset the money you spent on upgrading your locks.

So, are high security key and lock systems worth the investment?

If you’re still unsure as to the answer to this question, you might need to re-read the above points! On a serious note, though, if you are concerned about spending more money on a high security lock, and genuinely are not sure whether you should pay more for one, have a detailed and candid conversation with your local, licensed locksmith.

Security experts recommend that high security locks be used on all main entry points for homes and commercial premises, and if you’d like to upgrade your locks and keys, schedule a consultation with your local locksmith, today.