Golden Locks, Inc has been partnering with local architect firms and interior designers to provide a full range of door hardware solutions throughout Orange County. Collectively, our technicians perform hundreds of successful lock and door hardware installation of varying scopes and scales for local architect firms and interior designers.

Golden Locks, Inc offers professional and interpersonal services to all our partners. We conduct and oversee every project ourselves to ensure that each detail is covered and that you are left satisfied with our services. Our consultant will meet with you to discuss your design goals and quickly begin work on making it happen. We pride ourselves in delivering nothing but the best for you and your company and have been recognized for our high-quality work ethic that exceeds our client’s expectation. Not only will our expertise in the trade ensure that your professional design vision come to light, we will also ensure that it complies with local building codes and federal ADA guidelines while keeping your creative goals intact.

Golden Locks, Inc understand that there is demand for not just practical security hardware, but also aesthetic ones. Our years of expertise allows us to meet your custom- tailored designs without compromising the integrity of the security system. We offer products that feature themes that range from contemporary to classic in your design that are sure to meet any theme you may be seeking. We are able to provide high security locks, designed locks, door hardware, and door accessories to complement and enhance your design concepts.

  • High Security Locks
  • Designed Locks
  • Door Hardware
  • Door Accessories

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