Commercial buildings, offices, retail centers, healthcare facilities, educational facilities and other properties install ADA automatic door operators to provide safety, security and convenience to their employees and visitors. The correct type of door opener helps your business provides safe and ease of entrance, especially for customers with disability.

Golden Locks sells, installs and services the following brands of automatic door operators:

  • Dorma — Sets the standard for commercial doors, Dorma offers an extensive product portfolio. Intelligently engineered. Timeless. In functionality and design.
  • LCN — An industry leader for commercial door closers and for commercial door hardware.
  • NORTON — An Industry leader for commercial door hardware including closures. Norton has been in business since 1880.

We work with these companies specifically because we have vetted the quality of the products and can in confidence recommend their automatic door openers for businesses throughout the greater New York City area.

For more information about door operators installation, repair or replacement services for businesses and commercial buildings, contact Golden Locks. Our professional team will gladly answer your inquiries, provide a quote or schedule an on site appointment.

  • Handicap Access – Helps businesses comply with ADA requirements and increases access so those with limited mobility can still enter and exit facilities without special assistance.
  • Full Door Control — Facilitates oversight on entrances and exits, especially during power failures and security situations.
  • Adjustable Functionality — Ideal for businesses that want to allow visitors in and out at a metered pace such as concert venues, movie theaters, sports stadiums, retail centers, hospitals, schools and more.
  • Timed Interactions — Allows you to set the closing time.
  • Compatibility — Integrates with technology you already have making it a limited expenditure rather than a full capital expense.

For more information about which automatic door operator setup is right for your business, just contact with one of our security expert at Golden Locks and our professional team will help you select the best automatic door operator for your needs.

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