Golden Locks install electric strikes for businesses, offices, commercial and residential buildings, and industrial facilities in Orange County, CA including Huntington Beach, Anaheim, Newport, Santa Ana, and more. We are able to install electric door strike which are compatible with all types of hardware: exit device, panic bar, mortise lock, deadbolt, and more.

There are many electric strikes on the market, and many factors to consider before buying and installing one, such as type of jamb, type of latching hardware and the strength of the current. In addition, electric strikes come with a range of features and functions, including:

  • Electric strikes with keypads or card readers
  • Electric strikes with access control system integration
  • Electric strikes with manual override
  • Electric strikes with monitor
  • And more…

Golden Locks can help you choose the right electric strike for your needs. We only work with the highest quality electric strike brands, including Hes, Von Duprin, Adams Rite, Trine, Folger Adams, RCI and more (see full list).

We also offer electric strike repairs. If your electric strike locks are not working, failing to lock or not buzzing, we can repair most problems, and replace any defect parts to leave you with a fully working system.

Contact Golden Locks to speak with our specialists about electric door strike installation or repair.

Electric door strikes have revolutionised the way that doors are kept locked. They use a strong electric current to keep the latch in place, which can only be broken by using the fob or being ‘buzzed in’ by someone else.

Electric door strikes utilize larger, more secure locking mechanisms, making it more difficult to break in, while also providing more convenience with easy fob access. They can also be controlled remotely using smart technology. Electric strikes are excellent both as a stand-alone security solution, and integrated with access control systems.

There are two main types of electric strike:

Fail safe electric strikes – Require power to lock the door, and unlock when power goes out. These electric strikes are usually preferable in life emergency situations, such as on fire doors or stairwell doors.

Fail secure electric strikes – Requires power to unlock the door, and remains locked when power goes out. Usually used for high security situations.

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