Biometric locks are the latest development in security technology, offering more safety and access controlled for businesses and homes. Golden Locks offers high quality fingerprint door lock installation and repair services in Orange County.

Biometric locks use the individuality that we were born with, in order to identify visitors trying to enter your building. Biometric door locks give both commercial and residential clients additional security – it is much more difficult, if not impossible to copy a fingerprint, compared to copying a key.

The most common biometric locks that used in commercial and residential applications are fingerprint door locks, which store and identify visitor’s fingerprints to allow entry. This means fingerprint locks don’t require any keys, all you need to open the lock is your own hands. They can also come with keypad entry door locks for more access options, and can be combined and integrated with electronic access control systems.

Biometric Fingerprint Lock Installation

We offer professional biometric fingerprint lock installation services. Our security experts will advice on which biometric locks are best for your home or business, and then install them with minimal disruption to your daily routine.

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