There are many reasons why you might be considering replacing your existing garage door: perhaps it’s looking out of date or weathered, maybe it’s been damaged and is now beyond repair, or perhaps you simply want to upgrade and make your garage the envy of your neighbors?

Some reasons may be more urgent than others and require an immediate replacement, such as if the door is faulty and can no longer be relied upon to open and close safely. Hundreds of accidents involving garage doors are reported every year in America alone, and while not all result in serious injury, it’s not something that most homeowners would want to risk, particularly if they have small children in the home or even pets. As with any fault on a garage door, even if it doesn’t pose a direct threat to your physical health and safety, the cost of having it repaired may mean that a replacement door would be a sounder investment.

Other reasons for wanting to replace your garage door, such as bringing it up to date with modern times or getting a new look for your home to increase its curb appeal, are less urgent but equally warranted, nonetheless.

Whatever your reason for wanting a new garage door, we’ve got the choice and the expertise that you need. Browse from our wide selection of doors, talk to us about tech options, or schedule a home assessment to ensure that you get the perfect door for your home.

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