Residential Locksmith


Securing your home extends far beyond just the locks and keys you buy.



If your home is not secured, then it will get very easy for an intruder to pay a false visit. With Golden Locks, Inc, fast and reliable residential locksmith services, you will get the chance of installing the latest and very potent lock system at a price you feel reasonable to purchase.

We believe that securing your property is far beyond the use of just locks and keys your make a purchase. Therefore, we will serve you by offering the most unique services and products by carefully examining your requirements.

Golden Locks, Inc carefully maintains the various levels of quality that is required for both the services as well as the hardware. It is not wise to keep the protection of your family members and your belongings stored inside at risk by approaching for the inferior products.

Many people follow this with an intention of saving money which later leads them to pay a huge loss. With our assistance, you will experience both the benefit of acquiring qualities in services as well as reasonable rates of the demanded requirements. The area or space that you should first give an importance for protection is the main entrances such as the gate or the main door. Our technicians will introduce you to the best lock systems which will surely foil the plans of an intruder from robbing your belongings. We offer high-quality locks, interlocking plates, kick plates and many more based on the requirements of our customers.

Looking for the best residential locksmith services in California? Contact Golden Lock today for the installation, repair and rekeying of high security locks for homes and ensure optimum safety and peace of mind for your family and possessions. Our professional services for installing, repairing and maintenance of high security locks in Houston, HB and adjoining areas are tailored to your custom requirements of feasibility and budget and our professionals are available 24/7 to cater to urgent requests and emergency calls for home locks change, automotive locks change and much more.

Other services for Residential spaces are:

  • Locks Opened
  • Locks Serviced
  • Locks Installed
  • Locks Rekeyed
  • Locks Keyed Alike
  • Sliding Door Locks
  • Locks Master Keyed
  • Decorative Hardware