Golden Locks, Inc provides 24/7 safe opening services, including weekends and holidays, in the event you are unable to access your safe. We are able to service safes that are locked by key, electronically or with a combination through dial manipulation or lock scoping. In the rare event that we are unable to manipulate the lock system to regain access, our experienced technicians may need to drill into your safe to recover your stored items. Golden Locks, Inc guarantees that no harm will come to the contents inside the safe in the event that we must drill to regain your access.

In addition to opening your safe, we are able to provide repair, maintenance, and upgraded security services to enhance and preserve the integrity of your safe.

Contact Golden Locks, Inc today if you are unable to access your safe or if you are interested in maintaining or upgrading the security of your safe.

Whether it is due to human or mechanical error, our technicians can unlock your safe using non-intrusive techniques. Our noninvasive techniques include dial manipulation or lock scoping to unlock your safe without any damage to contents stored inside. There are some rare cases where we may need to resort to drilling with our special diamond drills to get you access again; however, we will always consult you first prior to doing so and we guarantee that we will not damage your content in the process of doing so.

No matter the issue, Golden Locks, Inc’s services will provide you access to your safe in no time and you will not have to replace your safe or any of its components.

  • Combination Recovery
  • Combination Change
  • General Safe Maintenance Services
  • Dial Repair Services
  • Lock Upgrades
  • Battery Changes

If you need a safe or vault opening, contact Golden Locks, Inc today. We will send our expert technicians to your location and provide expert safe opening services that will leave your safe operational.

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