If you are committed to enhancing the quality of life of your in Orange County or the City of Long Beach area home or business, you need to consider integrating safety and security practices with today’s modern technology.  A critical feature of a comprehensive security plan is the utilization of a video surveillance camera system in public areas.  This will serve to deter crime and assist in protecting your family’s or business’s safety and property.

Golden Locks offers top of the line video surveillance systems that include a wide variety of cameras, DVR and NVR recorders, monitors, archival file storage systems, and other accessories.  We also offer complete installation and set up for your home or business video surveillance camera system, ensuring that everything is connected, mounted, aimed and focused.  We will also provide you with any kind of training you need to operate the system and review and playback the images.

Golden Locks Security Systems can help you design the exact type of Video Surveillance Camera System that your business or home needs.  All systems can be tailored to your exact requirements and no job is too big or too small!

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