It’s the time to move forward and utilize the latest locking technology, to give you the security and peace of mind that you deserve. Golden Locks offers electronic smart locks for homes and businesses in Orange County. Using your smartphone, smart card, or pin code instead of keys. Be Smart, Go Keyless!

Electronic Keyless locks are becoming increasingly popular, and with good reasons:

  • Keyless – No more carrying around bunches of keys. Electronic locks use keypads, fobs, biometric, or smart technology to grant you access.
  • Pickproof – With no keyhole, electronic locks are pickproof, and it is extremely hard to force entry or break in. They give you more security.
  • More Control – Use your smartphone or device to control electronic locks with remote via an app, unlock using personal codes or even fingerprints, and connect your electronic locks to access control.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing – The modern sleek look of electronic and smart locks is aesthetically pleasing, and adds a stylish look to your doors.

We can install electronic smart locks as a stand-alone security solution, or we can connect them to access control systems for maximum safety and control. If you have any questions about the smart locks, or you want to arrange an installation, contact Golden Locks today.

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