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Our experts can install indoor cameras with zoom, double external cameras with motor, and more


In addition to our multitude of security products and software, SOS Advanced Security in NYC offers Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) services and systems. Closed Circuit Televisions represent one of the fastest growing technological industries in the modern security era. CCTV's involve the utilization of video cameras to transmit signals to a designated location within a limited amount of monitors. Differing from the standard broadcast television whose signals are openly transmitted, CCTV's are ideal for monitoring specific areas and can effectively provide a panoptic from of video surveillance. CCTV's can monitor specific areas and stand as a state of the art digitally integrated security system. Currently our CCTV system service is provided in well-known night clubs, bars, homes, offices, governmental agencies and state offices throughout the NYC area. SOS Advanced Security offers CCTV installation on NYC for all business, restaurants, pubs, residents, industrial premises. We provide video surveillance and prevent against unwarranted entry and loitering. Our professional CCTV installation team can install indoor cameras with zoom, double external cameras with motor, and external cameras with cover.


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