Hollon HDS-750C Data Media Safe with Dial Combination Lock

Hollon HDS-750C Data Media Safe with Dial Combination Lock

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If you want to make sure that your data and media is safe from fire, water and theft, then the Hollon HDS-750C Data Media Safe with dial combination lock is the perfect choice in safes for the duty. This safe will not only protect documents such as passports, tax records, birth certificates from a fire, but it is rated for a one hour fire protection for your media products such as CD’s, USB’s, external hard drives, thumb drives, etc.

These sensitive items can be corrupted or destroyed when the temperature rises above 52°C (125° Fahrenheit). It will also protect from water and humidity damage. The Hollon HDS-750C data safe not only helps protect homeowners with their personal information, it can be an invaluable asset to business owners as well who have important business records and digitally saved documentation. The Hollon HDS-750C Data Media Safe features a KIS Data/Media fire rating test of 1832 degrees F on the outside and 125 degrees F on the interior.

This means that the inside temperature never exceeded 125 degrees F. It has two removable/adjustable shelves and a S&G Dial Combination Lock. The smaller size is very convenient, allowing you to place the safe in a closet or inside of a cabinet.

Don’t let a fire destroy your precious documents and media, be sure to help protect them with the Hollon HDS-750C Data Media Safe!


  • One-Hour Fire Protection for Media Products (CD, USB, External Hard Drive)
  • KIS Data/Media Fire rating - 1832 degrees F outside, 125 degrees F interior.
  • S&G Dial Combination Lock.
  • The hinge side has stationary bolts to hold the door shut.
  • Two Removable Shelves.
  • No Center bolt down hole.
  • Protects against sprinklers, water and humidity.
  • Re-locker for extra burglary protection.
  • Solid Gray color.


  • Colour: Grey
  • Material: steel
  • Exterior Dimensions:  29 1/2’’(H) x 20 3/4’’(W) x 20’’(D)
  • Interior Dimensions: 16 7/8’’(H) x 11 1/8’(W)’ x 9 1/2”(D)
  • Cubes: -
  • Weight: 354
  • Ship weight: 400
  • Shipping Dimenstion (inches): 30x34x32
  • Shipping Method: LTL