Liberty Gun Safe USA 30
Liberty Gun Safe USA 30
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Liberty Gun Safe USA 30

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  • External Dimensions: 60.5" H x 30" W x 25" D
  • Internal Dimensions: 57.5" H x 27.5" W x 16" D
  • Minimum Doorway Width Clearance: 24" W
  • Weight: 490 lbs
  • Exterior Cubic Ft: 23.1
  • Gun Capacity: 30 Long Guns
  • Fire Rating: 40 Minutes
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


While Liberty considers the "USA" Series as an entry level safe, it obliterates the "entry level" competition.

To showcase the USA series strength, Liberty decided to drop a 1,000 pound cement block on the tops of the USA safe and a close competitor. After watching the video, you'll see the Liberty safe standing strong and the competition... not so much.

New for 2018, Liberty will begin placing it's patent pending 4 inch wide military style locking bars on all of their safes starting with this USA series. What makes it stronger is that the physical surface area it covers internally is far larger than the traditional round bolts creating six times more pry resistance. Combine that with the 2-piece roll form CNC 12 gauge body and it's easy to see how it survived the cement drop. Liberty upped the security even further by adding an external relocker for punch protection and an internal triple hardplate to protect the lock from drilling. With the standard Securam UL Type 1 Electronic Lock, this safe is UL listed as a Residential Security Container and is safe to store firearms inside.

In addition to the security, the USA Series also has a 40 minute fire rating with thicker steel and 2 layers of fireboard in the ceiling and door.

The safe is finished with a black texture, 3-point Suretight handle with slip clutch, a 3-in-1 Flex interior and an economy door panel on the door for additional storage of your smaller items.

Liberty believes in the USA series by offering a limited lifetime warranty.


  • UL Listed Securam Electronic Lock
  • 2-Piece Roll Form 12 Gauge Body
  • External Relocker
  • T-Cam Mechanism
  • Triple Hardplate
  • (6) 4" Military Style Locking Bars - 1/4" Thick
  • Internal Hinges
  • 3-in-1 Gray Fabric Flex Interior
  • Economy Door Panel
  • Black Textured Finis